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April 4, 2022

We have some exciting news to share with you! But first we’re going to give you a little background on Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).


What is TPI?

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) headquarters are in southern California, but it is a global network with over 19,000 certified professionals in 63 countries. TPI is used by many top-ranked golfers on the PGA Tour. The main focus of TPI is looking at each golfer as an individual and ensuring that they have an efficient swing that is consistent with their unique body mechanics, which reduces their risk of injury and (hopefully) helps posting some lower scores out on the course.

The TPI Screening Tool

TPI developed a screening tool that looks at the swing of a golfer and can predict any swing faults that the golfer may have that could result in injury or decreased efficiency in the golf swing. We don’t believe that there is one and only one swing pattern for all golfers, but instead, each golfer’s normal body mechanics/structure should lead to a natural swing pattern. The TPI screen is used to ensure the golfer is using that swing pattern. Then, as clinicians and coaches, we make sure the swing is efficient and safe so that you’ll be able to consistently repeat your swing and reduce your risk of injury.

Once the TPI screen is completed by your certified TPI healthcare professional or your swing coach, you will be provided with a home exercise routine to assist in any areas where you may be weak or tight. This will ensure increased performance in your golf game. It is then recommended that you practice or take lessons with your swing coach, all while performing your home exercise program for 3-4 weeks, then have your TPI screen re-assessed.  

TPI and Physical Therapy

TPI believes in a team-based approach to achieve optimal health. As a Physical Therapist, I will not coach you too much on your swing, but on your body mechanics and your body’s natural movement. With the TPI screen and other evaluation tools, we can work to improve or eliminate any mechanical faults that may be hindering your golf game. As mentioned above, we would then recommend you seek out a swing coach to help with the specific swing aspects of your golf game… which leads me to our exciting news!


We are officially partnering with Ruston Golf Company (RGC) and Wesley Wheelis to offer an all-inclusive package to help improve your golf game. Ruston Golf Company is located in downtown Ruston and is owned by Wesley, a Class A PGA professional. Wesley has been a golf instructor and swing coach for several years in the DFW area and has recently moved back to Ruston to start his business and coach locally. RGC has an indoor practice area with a golf simulator which allows you to practice your game, from putting to pulling out the driver!

We’re really excited to be partnering with RGC to get you out on the course with a reduced risk of injury and some lower scores! Stop by RGC or LOTS and pick up a flyer for more information or give us a call at (318) 255-9601.

Yours in health,

Chase Patterson, DPT, TPI  (4/4/22)